We make transportation fun! Our goal is to design and manufacture unique, interesting small Personal Electric Vehicles to get around urban areas. In the post Pandemic world we are embarking on the decade of delivery services. As a product of PEV Labs we can design and produce eco-friendly urban mobility deliver products for your service. Take delivery to mobility focused kiosks our digital fabrication skills are here to serve markets of tomorrow.

urbMo means Urban Mobility. We custom design, prototyping and small run manufacturing for urban transportation needs. Electric vehicles such as cargo e-trikes, cargo scooters, electric skateboards. Oh, and the silly Dorkpod open source DIY flatpack design vertical electric vehicle are a few of the custom rides we create.

Cities are facing increased population, pollution, traffic congestion along with commuter stress can benefit from advanced mobility solutions.

Bicycles which have been around for over a hundred years. Human powered transportation offers many benefits for short distance. Longer distances, cargo such as groceries or pets can be transported a with a litter more ease with the addition of an electric motor. Electric Bikes can travel up to 40 MPH with distances of 40 miles. Over one billion manual bikes have been manufactured world wide. Image the relief to the environment if they were used more frequently. Light duty mobility machines can be broken into two categories, pedal assist and power on demand. The former allows the rider to set the level of effort they are comfortable with for the manual pedals. The later operates more like an electric motorcycle. Increasing the throttle with increase the speed of the motor propulsion.

Urban Mobility and Personal Electric Vehicles by PEV Labs
Cargo E-Trike Prototype : 750 Watts / 48 Volts : Taking orders now at Notscuky.com. Built by PEV Labs


Located in Lexington Virginia.